Watch Out, The Tuk Tuk Plumbers' About!

Watch Out, The Tuk Tuk Plumbers' About!

26 February 2020 |

Watch Out, The Tuk Tuk Plumbers’ About!

It has 3 wheels, handle bar steering and is most commonly associated with taxi servicing in and around Thailand. It is of course, the Tuk Tuk! You may have noticed that the Tuk Tuk has been slowly integrating itself into the UK Market, predominantly posing as a host for quirky coffee and bar vendors.

We at MWH have decided to take it one step further by sourcing, adapting and kitting out their very own Tuk Tuk which is road legal, eye catching and practical!

Our company founder and managing director Marc Hailes has never been one to follow the trend or do things the easy way, especially when it comes to his vehicles! Although the company hosts several vans and the electric BMW i3, (all uniform in their branding of the company); Marc says that the company's biggest asset has been its smart car. On brand of course, when parked vertically this vehicle catches peoples attention!

Marc says ‘the smart car has been an invaluable marketing tool, as well as being cost effective and efficient to run, it catches the most attention as it is unique and people find it rather amusing to see it parked vertically, which is the beauty of this car!'

The idea to take this concept to the next level came to Marc whilst on holiday in Amsterdam. There, he saw a very well known postal delivery company ripping round the streets in these rickshaws and realised what an asset one would be to his fleet!

Marc sourced the vehicle from the extremely reputable Piaggio Ape specialist manufacturers Tukxbased in Axminster. 

After liaising with them on the model and mod cons that would be necessary, the deal was done and the Piaggio was shipped in from Italy and adaptions made to make this vehicle road legal.

From the Tukxi warehouse, our trusted vehicle wrap specialists at Popin Graphics worked their magic with a beautiful vinyl wrap in keeping with our branding. 

Last to get their hands on this beauty were our friends at Audio Concepts who kitted out our beloved Tuk Tuk with the necessary mod cons including security and heating for those colder months!

'But we couldn’t end there' Marc says. 'The piece de resistance is our PLUMBER ON CALL light displayed on top of the vehicle. This is what sets our Tuk Tuk apart and gives it that extra special touch! This is so important to our company as a big part of our ethos is based on the way that we conduct and represent ourselves individually and as a company. I believe that the vehicles that we drive are a representation of the pride that we take in our professional conduct and the work that we produce.'

We, as a company are very proud and excited to get this vehicle on the road and we have been overwhelmed with the amount of attention that its already received, we’ve even had several enquiries about the hire of the Tuk Tuk and its barely left the garage yet! However, this isn’t a gimmick,  the Tuk Tuk is going to be used as a practical Plumbing and Heating vehicle on a daily basis by on of our engineers. 

So, if ever you're in need, just remember….

"Days going from bad to worse, your pipes have burst what a bummer!
We’ll fix those pipes and bring you a smile- eyes peeled for the Tuk Tuk Plumber!"

For all enquires about the vehicle including potential hire please 
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