Boiler repair

boiler repair

A boiler repair could be the answer to your problems, not replacing it!

Boiler replacement can be expensive. A full boiler replacement is an absolute solution to your boiler repair problems but some boiler issues can even be rectified without calling a plumber.

Older boilers may only need a little bit of tender loving care through carrying out a service. With most replacement parts readily available at the suppliers, it may be that a bit of expertise and a few common tools are all that’s needed to bring your old boiler back to life.

Below, are five common faults that could easily be fixed by a home owner/tenant:

1.The water pressure in the heating system has dropped bellow 0.5bar and the boiler has stopped working or is showing a fault code. All this takes is to locate the “filling loop” on the boiler and re-pressurize the system to 1.5bar. Some boilers may then require that the reset button be pressed to reset any error codes.

2.The boiler doesn’t seem to have any power. This fault could be something as simple the fuse blowing due to an electrical surge or short circuit on the electrics somewhere. Isolating the power to the boiler and replacing the fuse in the plug or fused spur normally rectifies this. Most boilers are protected by a 3amp fuse, but always ensure that you check the boilers manufacturers instructions before replacing any parts on the boiler. However, if the problem persists to happen, ensure that you contact a professional to check that all of the electrical components are working correctly.

3.Some of the radiators on the heating system don’t heat up completely and have cold spots on them. This is usually down to there being air in the system. The way to rectify this is to “bleed” each radiator using a radiator bleed key. You may find after “bleeding” that the pressure on the boiler needs to be topped up (see issue No. 1)

4.The boiler doesn’t work when you turn the heating on. In some cases this could be down to a wiring problem or faulty programmer, but if you have a wireless programmer or room thermostat then it could be as simple as replacing the batteries in the wireless transmitter.

5.The hot water temperature isn’t as hot as normal. This is normally down to the fact that the internal temperature control has become less sensitive/effective through fatigue or damage. More often than not, increasing the hot water temperature controls can rectify this temporarily, but in some cases the worn/damaged part will need replacing.

These simple maintenance tips should allow for the continued use of your boiler, but if ever you are unsure of any issues, always turn to one of our professionals at MWH Heating and Pluming.